About Kidzter

What is Kidzter?

Kidzter is a book and music company.  Kidzter publishes three series of books:

  • The time-travel musical adventures of the Kidzter kids: Eva, Jimi and Carlos.  
  • Music almanacs that tell what happenend “On This Day In Music”.
  • Travel adventures featuring the Kitty Kats and the Kidzter Kids.

As a record label, Kidzter releases CDs, DVDs and downloads featuring Kidzter recording artists, including: The Rockabyes, The Kitty Kats and Koala Jack & The Brothers Roo.

What are all the cool things I can do on Kidzter.com?

Kidzter.com has been built to promote awareness of the Kidzter books and records and to provide an immersive interaction with the Kidzter characters.  You can play games, watch videos and listen to songs and stories.  Every day, Eva’s On This Day In Music History presents the important musical events that have happened on that date.  You can read the first chapters of our latest books.  And you can buy Kidzter books, CDs and downloads.  Our directory of Music Teachers list music teachers from all over the world.  Our Music Education Blog provides resources of interest to music treachers and parents seeking to encourage kids interest in music.

Is Kidzter free?

The website is totally free.  While we hope you might buy a book or a song, there are many, many games, songs, stories and videos to enjoy.  We always provide the first three chapters of our books free online.

Who created Kidzter?

Bob Heyman is the creator of Kidzter.  Bob holds a Masters in Education from Harvard and is credited with cointing the term “edutainment.”  He received a law degree from Hastings College of Law (U. of Cal.) and represented such musicians as Maria Muldaur, Marty Balin, New RIders Of The Purple Sage and Ray Manzarek (of the Doors).  His rock opera Rock Justice, written with Marty Balin and Mike Varney, is in the Book Of Rock Lists and was signed by EMI.  He co-founded the pioneer internet marketing agency Cybernautics and is credited with coining the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and starting the first SEO agency practice.  With his partner Leland Harden, he has written five best-selling digital marketing books. His clients have included Intel, SGI, Bristol-Myers, Sothebys. Sony, IBM, Napster, World Vision, Trend Micro, Avon, AOL and Time Warner. 

Jason Whitley created all the art for Kidzer.  Nu-Designs built the website.  Lee Armstong built the Rockabyes puppets.  Jeanette Egenlauf and Julia Roh did our videos.  Jane Biondi voiced the fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

How do you comply with COPPA?

Please refer to the Privacy and Terms Of Service tabs for details of how Kidzter complies with COPPA.

What is the “back story” of the Kidzter Haunted Mansion and of the Kidzter Music School?

The mansion was built by “mad” Professor ROck, an eccentric genius.  He was struck by lightening while conducting musical expreiments on his roof.  Ever since, the mansion has been haunted.  First by the ghost of the Professor, who was soon joined by the spirits of othe rock stars who haunt the mansion.  Mort Moose, a celebrated music manager, bought the mansion and turned it into a music school.  He is the Headmaster and the teachers include members of the Rockabyes, a famous band that Mort managed.

Who recorded the Rockabyes music?

Marty Balin provides the singing voice of guitarist Floyd Fox.  Maria Muldaur is the singing voice for Crystal Canary.  John “Marmaduke” Dawson of New RIders Of The Purple Sage, is the singing voice of drummer Bartholomew LittleBear.  Dan Hicks is the singing voice of their friend, Professor Bearly.  Nick Gravenites is the singing voice for Mort Moose.  Huey Lewis played harmonica.

Who recorded The Kitty Kats music?

Jesse and Paula Bradman created all the Kitty Kats music.  

What can I buy in the Kidzter Shop?

We sell Kidzer books and records  Kidzter also partners with Amazon and iTunes.

Why don’t some of the games play on my mobile device?

Many of the games require the Adobe Flash plug-in to play.  Many tablets and mobile devices won’t work with Adobe Flash.