This Day in Music

April 24th

April 24

2009: The Black Eyed Peas are #1 with Boom Boom Pow.

1997Puff Daddy (featuring Mase) is #1 with Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down.

1983Michael Jackson is #1 with Beat It.

1976:  As a joke, Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels goes on air and offers The Beatles the huge sum of $3,000 if they agree to reunite on his TV show.  Amazingly enough, it almost happens: Paul McCartney is visiting John Lennon in his New York apartment for what would turn out to be the last time.  They are watching as Michaels makes his “offer” and both consider going across town to the NBC studio, but decide they’re too tired.

1969: The Fifth Dimension hit #1 with Aquarius (Let The Sunshine In).

1967: The Doors release Light My Fire.

1961: Bob Dylan makes his recording debut as the harmonica player for a Harry Belafonte album, playing on Calypso King for $50.

Songs of The Day:

Aquarius (The Fifth Dimension); Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down (Puff Daddy); Boom Boom Pow (The Black Eyed Peas); Beat It (Michael Jackson); Light My Fire (The Doors)