This Day in Music

October 7th

October 7

2007: Rascal Flatts are #1 on the album charts with Still Feels Good.  The single Take Me There goes #1.

1986Janet Jackson is #1 with When I Think of You.

1978Boston’s Don’t Look Back peaks at #4 on the singles charts.  It is from the album of the same name, which went to #1 and sold over four million copies in the first month of its release.

1978: The Rolling Stones perform Beast Of Burden on Saturday Night Live.

1977David Bowie releases his album Heroes, which peaks at # 35. 

1976A Fifth Of Beethoven by Walter Murphy is #1.  It’s a disco version of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

1969: The Youngbloods‘ Get Together is certified gold.  The guy who wrote it, Dino Valenti (Chet Powers), has a birthday today too.  He was born in 1937.

1968: Singer Toni Braxton is born.  Un-break My Heart is her biggest hit.  She has won six Grammys and has sold over 68 million records worldwide.

1968Thom Yorke of Radiohead is born.  Paranoid AndroidKarma Police and Fake Plastic Trees are three of their best-known songs.  Fake Plastic Trees is  #376 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”

1952: The TV dance show Bandstand (without Dick Clark) debuts in Philadelphia.

1951: Singer-songwriter John Mellencamp is born. Jack And DianeHurts So Good and Small Town are three of his best-known songs.

1940: Trumpeter Artie Shaw records Stardust.

Songs of The Day:

A Fifth Of Beethoven (Walter Murphy); Jack And Diane (John Mellencamp); Hurts So Good (John Mellencamp); Small Town (John Mellencamp); Paranoid Android (Radiohead); Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead); Karma Police (Radiohead); Get Together (Youngbloods); Heroes (David Bowie); Beast Of Burden (Rolling Stones); When I Think Of You (Janet Jackson); Don’t Look Back (Boston); Take Me There (Rascal Flatts); Stardust (Artie Shaw); Unbreak My Heart (Toni Braxton)